General Conditions of Interactive Online Casino Gaming on Gaming Tables

Pursuant to Article 9 of the Games of Chance Act (Official Gazette no. 87/09), as well as Article 17 of the Ordinance on Interactive Online Casino Gaming (Official Gazette no. 78/10), the Management Board of Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o., Zagreb, Ulica grada Vukovara 72, on  03.04.2015 made the


Article 1

These Rules shall regulate the general conditions for participation in online gaming on gaming tables in casinos (hereinafter in terms of these rules: iCasino igre).
These Rules shall be applied pursuant to the General Rules of Participation in Hrvatsks Lutrija online games (hereinafter: General Rules of Online Participation).
Article 2

Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o (hereinafter: operator) is responsible for all liabilities to the participants from Article 1 of these Rules (hereinafter: players) with all its assets if all conditions set forth by these rules are met.
The Republic of Croatia guarantees for pay-out of winnings in iCasino games.
Article 3

Payments for participation in iCasino games are received by internet, on the Operator’s internet page by means of which a player may play them in interaction with the Operator’s ON-LINE system.
To pay for an iCasino game, a player must make a double confirmation of the intended transaction by selecting a price selection option, i.e. money that is to be used for participation in a particular game and then by selecting a game initiation option.
Once executed, a payment transaction cannot be cancelled. 
Article 4

These Rules are exclusive legislative and legal basis for the conclusion of the agreement on participation in iCasino games and shall oblige the contracting parties as such.
The agreement from paragraph 1 is concluded between the operator and a player, based on the acceptance of these Rules and General Conditions of Internet Participation, by selecting the offered playing options and confirming the game payment that suits the player’s freely expressed will, whereby the player also confirms to be fully familiar with the mode of playing and its details.
These Rules shall oblige the contracting parties.
Article 5

A natural person under 18 years of age may not participate in a game.
Article 6

This type of game includes iCasino games that represent a simulation of games of those played by players against a casino or one against another on gaming tables with balls, cards or dice,
by international rules.
For each iCasino game a player is offered the options of playing the real or trial (demo) game. In the real game, the player may gain the stated winning, while in the trial game the stated winnings is not gained by the player. Trial game playing is not considered to be the participation in each iCasino game.
There is information with each iCasino game referring to the game description, instructions on playing mode and other details regarding the game. 

Article 7

The Operator specifies the prices range of participation in a game. A player selects the price of a particular game within the offered range.
A stake in a single game may be accomplished by transferring the value of money into points, coins, lines, credits and other, depending on the game, and in accordance with the indicated relations and denominations

Article 8

A scheme of winning combinations is written within the graphic display of each iCasino game.
The result of each game is shown within its graphic display.
Article 9

A player is entitled to winnings after having gained in a game one of the combinations set forth pursuant to the scheme of winning combinations.
The winnings gained by a player in an iCasino game are transferred to the player’s HL account.
In case of the system’s technical irregularity, all pay-ins and pay-outs referring to the ongoing games shall be annulled.
In case of winnings gained based on a technical failure, the Operator retains the right not to pay them with the refund of invested money to the player. 
The Operator shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the player that occurred as a consequence of the system, communication or equipment failure outside the Operator’s surveillance system (force majeure).

Article 10

The Operator retains the right of specifying the existence of various types of Jackpot winnings (e.g. guaranteed, progressive, group and other).

Article 11 

The Municipal Court in Zagreb shall have the location and subject matter jurisdiction for the disputes resulting from the participation in iCasino games.
Article 12

These Rules shall enter into force as of the date of its publication on the Operator’s Internet page, and after the prior authorization of the Ministry of Finance.

Number: HLOS-08-2015/281


Hrvatska Lutrija d.o.o.
Member of the Management Board
Dražen Kovač, LLB


Ova Pravila odobrilo je Ministarstvo financija RH, rješenjem  klasa: UP/I-461-01/15-01/38, ur. broj: 513-07-21-01/15-4 od 20. travnja 2015. godine.